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Sunnie Brown - Owner/Master Esthetician/Shamanic Practitioner

Sunnie started her career as a Massage Therapist in Southern California 17 years ago.  Soon after she pursued her true passion in Skin Care due to her own struggles with acne.  Her love for nature and growing family brought her skills to Portland, Oregon, where she has thrived for the past 14 years.  Sunnie is always seeking the latest in Skin Care and Beauty, and loves educating her clients on what best suits their individual needs.  Sunnie studies Shamanic practices and enjoys digging deeper into your souls needs while caring for your skin.

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Facial Products used: Rhonda Allison, Epicuren Discovery and Repechage Skin Care products

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Sheridan - Licensed Esthetician

After 25 years of office work, Sheridan became an esthetician to pursue her passion in the health and wellness field.  She is dedicated to making clients look and feel amazing, through a variety of services that blend proven techniques and top-of-the-line products. She takes a holistic approach to improving the skin’s function and appearance, and partners with clients to develop a plan to help their skin stay radiant.  At the first appointment, she will get to know your skin and how it responds to products and treatment.  From there, she will recommend a combination of at home and professional protocols based on your skin condition, lifestyle, preferences and goals. 

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Lacy -  Massage Therapist

Lacy began massaging in 2016 after attending Everest Institute in Tigard. The program included Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Points), Myofascial Release, Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology. She has since worked with Rod Diehm to expand her experience and knowledge of the human body.

“I enjoy the challenge of understanding the body-mind connection and how it affects each individual. Each session is geared to ease the opening up of areas that are restricting movement in the body. Massage therapy is rewarding work. It is awesome to see people take care of themselves and feel better from quality bodywork.”

Extensive experience working with body builders, triathletes, dancers, cyclists, swimmers, runners, soccer players, and golfers.

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*Horse room Is upstairs and not ADA accessible. Please call if a downstairs room is needed. 503-554-1190

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Jen - Reiki & Body Talk

Jen has been involved in energetic healing work for more than 25 years and has a strong affinity for natural healing systems. She currently practices as both a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. She came across BodyTalk while searching for additional healing modalities for her own health issues.  She was absolutely astounded at the changes she saw in herself and her surroundings after adding BodyTalk sessions.

BodyTalk is an amazing healthcare system that gets right to the root cause of illness and imbalance to create lasting change on a deep cellular level.

Jen blends Reiki and BodyTalk in the perfect balance for you to receive a gentle, yet powerful healing experience. BodyTalk and Reiki work together so seamlessly, and the results can be quite amazing.

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*Horse room Is upstairs and not ADA accessible. Please call if a downstairs room is needed. 503-554-1190

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Heather - Buti Yoga Instructor

My hope for the students in my classes is that they feel comfortable and accepted as they are the moment they step into the studio. I have found physical and spiritual freedom through the movement of yoga and hope to be able to give the opportunity of that gift to each student.

I have received my 200 hour yoga teacher training through Buti Yoga. Through Buti Yoga, I also received my certification in Sculpt/Bands, Hot Core, and Deep. I continue to take educational classes that included Yogafit Warriors (PTSD), Yogafit Yoga Nidra, Cardio Yoga, Philosophy and certification as a Barre Above Instructor. I also hold an ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification, have earned a black belt in Win Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu, and am 2nd stage Reiki in Reiki Jin Kei Do.

I especially love teaching Buti Yoga, which can be described as Vinyasa Remixed. It’s a combination of dynamic yoga sequencing, cardio dance sprints, and deep core conditioning. This yoga practices allows one to leave her/his stress at the door and enter into the flow of yoga sequencing and movement.

Yoga is available with Heather on Sunday mornings at 8:30-9:45 a.m. Must book ahead, no drop-ins

Inquire about Private Lesson availability, 503-554-1190.

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