Infrared sauna

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Wednesday 11a.m-8 p.m

Thursday and Friday 11 a.m-5p.m

Saturday 11a.m-4p.m

Mini/Intro Session must be booked on your first visit if you have never used an Infrared Sauna Before or if you are wanting less time in the Sauna. Unwind in the Bear Room and let the Sauna extract energy that no longer serves you. 35 minutes total. 5 min to prep, 20 min in Sauna, 10 min cool down, collect yourself and your belongings. Provided: water, towels, hairnet, cold wash cloth for after service **No drugs, alcohol, smoking and vaping prior to your service. Must be 14 years or older, minors must be accompanied by an adult. Must shower at HOME prior to service. Not recommended during Pregnancy. No electronic devices, food or beverage inside the sauna during use. If you are unsure about a health issue that may be contraindicated consult your physician and please call before scheduling your appointment in order to avoid cancelations fees if we discover a contraindication when you arrive. Thank you.