Reiki & Body Talk With Jen

 Jen offers deep relaxation and energetic restoration on all levels, using a combination of Reiki and BodyTalk in a flow that is specifically tailored to each individual.

Online scheduling link

Reiki & Body Talk *First Visit Up to 90 min

1 hr 30 mins $111

Reiki & Body talk Follow up session 45 min

45 mins $75

Reiki & Body Talk follow up session 60 min

1 hr $100

What can I expect during a Reiki/BodyTalk session?

Sessions are done with clients fully clothed lying on a massage table, covered with a blanket if they choose.  Reiki and BodyTalk are not massage.  After a check in and discussion of any primary concerns, we begin with BodyTalk using a simple biofeedback program to determine yes and no responses.  The session proceeds from there, using a combination of Reiki and BodyTalk to give you the gentlest integration of energies possible.  Reiki is a very gentle, hands on or hands above method and is fully intuitive.  BodyTalk is a structured system that targets imbalances within the body and balances them according to your body’s specific needs. 

*Horse room is upstairs, if you require an ADA accessible room please call directly to schedule in our downstairs room.